Here is the New year New me crap.
Hahah ! But before I move onto 2014. Lets talk about 2013. 2013 was the most horrible year for me; it was the peak period of my depression. Yes sounds weird – and I dont even tell people- but considering this is a blog it kinda feels like im talking to myself 🙂 yes anyways -friends.- or should I say -liars- really. People tend to listen to other people ‘talk’ WELL. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. DONT BELIEVE WHAT THE PERSON SAYS ABOUT SOMEONE UNTIL THAT ACTUALY SOMEONE TELLS YOU THEMSELF.. due to a lot of pain; not just school, but home aswell. I decided to move schools. To be free. Everyone is the school just destroyed me. Even my ex boyfriends friends. And if they found me. Woah im dead. A LOT OF FULL STOPS I KNOW. But yes. Enough of the depressin- Omg. No no NO MORE DEPRESSING STUFF NIKITA. STOP STO- ok. 2014 is the year to start fresh I guess. And I wish- no I will not trust people so easily. I will only be kind to people if theyre kind to me. The end.


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