Katarina swords!



This is a 5 hour work. IKRM MY FINGERS ARE DEAD AND MY MUM YELLED AT ME CAUSE OF THE MESS IVE MADE 😥 do you know whats even worse. I have to make another one. Plus 2 long swords. Urgh what to do… yeah so I am cosplaying as Katarina from League of Legends for this year smash expo because… THEY INCLUDED GAMING 😉 so more people will cosplay as gaming characters. Im a bit worried because 1. theres this really famous cosplayer and apparently shes cosplaying as kat too 😥 im going to make a fool of myself. 2. This is my first time cosplaying and urggh 😦
3. Im probably going alone 😥

I wish I looked like her thou *^*


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