I got up today dragged by my mum and bashed onto the dinner table. She snatched my phone and read all my Facebook messages. My mum does not know the meaning on privacy, then again – she thinks my friends are a bad influence (maybe NOT.) i mean like okay so my friends do some bad things, through my mothers eyes- but it doesn’t mean that they’re bad people right?? really this whole holiday I was permanently UNABLE TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. legitos. (my made up word.) I have this friend – she’s not a friend she’s like a best friend to me. We talk EVERYDAY legitos everyday about like secrets and stuff and our private stuff… and my mum just reads them all! like I mean its my friends private stuff that only the people she tells has the right to know? =.= but, i guess in the end it was kinda my fault because i was a bit rough on my mum with my attitude and behaviour. I guess its because I couldn’t accept the fact that she imprisoned me in my own house? But, its for my future????? she lectures me constantly about studying… like what a typical asian mum would. But i mean, i dont want the abusive behaviour around me as well. Like we all have secrets, I definitely have family secrets and I’m sure my mum wouldn’t want anyone to know. as for that my friend has secrets, but she just snatched my phone and read them?? and now i have no phone :”( I miss my Samsung note 3.


TBH- I don’t like the position I am in, But i have to learn to accept it.


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