You just have to deal with it. No matter what they say. Dont make it make you feel like shit, cause in the end the people who started the rumours feel shit themselves.
I have this amazing friend who has experienced so much. And he gave me so much advice (he is 23) he said

“problem is, high school.

this is where everyone starts to betray people, they don’t understand anything
they think they’re in love but they’re not
they think they’re smart but they’re not

this is the period where everything is just.. poos. (SORRY I DON’T LIKE SWEARING TO MY FRIENDS LOL)
I totally understand you.

I’m nice to everyone, but everyone is MEH to me, like, there’s just a few who are nice back but even then it’s still.. meh on the most part

trust me

you will fall in love properly one day, look back at this and realise you weren’t even really in love

it’s hard to explain, but trust me, I wouldn’t lie to you about this..”

Amazing isnt him


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