A friend helped me today, and because of him – I just feel so lifted. He is an angel.


It starts with someone of low intellect. They don’t like someone who’s better than they are, they can’t take it.
So they start telling others something they don’t actually know anything about.
It starts off as just a bit of hatred; but nothing fuels hatred more than lies and greed.
So you start to make more rumours, you start hating that person more because you’ve invented this little idea in your head that this person, is truly as bad as you are making them up to be.

Little do you know, that the person you are lying about, breathes the same air you do, bleeds the same way you do and hurts – just as you do.

Think for a moment; did that person really do that? Does this really make me a better person? I’ve made myself popular by spreading lies about someone else… have I helped to destroy someone’s happiness just so I can have 5 minutes of fame with my peers?

Here’s a fact. I’m not perfect – wow, crazy… right? But neither are you. What makes us different? I had the pain inflicted upon me – I did not inflict any pain. I dealt with the pain and am still dealing with it. YOU – decided I was dealing the pain; that I was the bad person involved – you felt it necessary to fabricate stories about me with no credibility. SO while I sit here, trying to deal with my pain in solitude – not bothering a soul about it; your immaturity, stupidity and arrogance places even more unneeded stress. I do not wish you harm – I just wish you stop it.

You have no power over me, so I kindly ask you to stop lying, before it catches up to you – which it will. 🙂


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