I dont have depression

Okay well, during 2013 I continously thought I had depression, but really thinking back to it. I was just a selfish person – I never had depression. And for those who I have affected during the time. Sorry. I really am. I have changed. Really, come talk to me and you can feeeeeeel it hahahaha yes

*here are some direct stuff to people*

JAF- I am sorry for having you put up with me, hahaha I am such a douche. Yeah I wont be like that anymore. Sorry. Just dont say stuff that really hurt , if you want to change me. Cause like it doesnt? (Justmyopinion). But just to let you know, you were the only person who apologised to me.

LP- I am sorry for how I treated you. Something for me to think back and relfect. But I w- dw. Im just sorry

WQ- thank you for being that brother to me. Its amazing how you still call me sis. I am sorry please take care of LP

KT- man you are some tough niqqa. Haha because you are so strong you dont let feelings get to you; or show I guess. And I learnt that from you. Thank you

Andy- pandaaaaa sorrt for not listening to you.

CP- im sorry for hurting you in a way that hurt me back.

And for everyone who likes to listen to rumours or maybe not rumours but ONE SIDE to the story ‘Dont listen to what someone said about that person. Until that specific person tells you themselves.’


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