I feel happy

Never ever, have I ever.. felt so happy. You know sometimes I regret introducing friends with other friends. BUT, I am so glad my friends introduced me to a very special friend ^^ GA HEY I KNOW YOURE READING THIS AYEEE AWYISBBY

Yeah so, this post would probably be how I feel about him and my frist impression on GA (keeping his name private)

When I first met GA, I was really shy and awkward -I know right, me shy? Asif.- but really I get shy. Maybe I just don’t show it hehe. Yeah my first impression was… DONT KILL ME GA he was sooo short and cute heuehueheuehe. Whiter than paper, more gentle than a feather pls. He was so nice, but I didnt really get close to him cause we met at like wet and wild for the very first time #burntforlife
And he brought a girl? In the beginning I was like ‘whodat’ haha but I found out he was GA and his gf! And I was lyk wat. HAHAH yeah.
After that tiring day, I didnt really talk to him – until we started talking together, and I found out that I just automatically trusted him. Usually I dont do that considering my past. But I just did .-. Hahaha

We talked and talked endlessy about random stuff, encouraging each other, giving a helping hand. He really was an angel, cause without him I would be probably miserable right now. But let me tellll you something GA YOURE TOO NICE. so people think you as an easy target! I found that out on the hard way!! Please only be nice to people if they are nice to you ! ^^

I really like GA no, not even like I would even love GA!

Im going to stay next to him forever ^^


Hisblog – http://guardianofangels.wordpress.com/


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