New me shit

HAHAHAH HEY . I’ve been really busy lately… sorry ^^” yeah so today, I met a new friend she’s so eshays. But swell as that, i have a old friend who was also suffering from the same events as i have suffered during my school time. I stayed by her side to help of course and she wants to be close friends with me which I am happy about.


But what I’m not happy about is that some sick mother fuckers who this they have the audacity to hate someone because they’re just being themselves, is absolutely revolting. She is being herself, if you hated her because she was supposedly ‘annoying’ then will she have the authority to hate you back for being selfish? same shit. okay lets face it, we are all eventually going to be hated on. But not right now, while we’re trying to grow up and be successful. And for those people who are suffering, know that what you experience now will not hurt you late on in life, in fact this will make you stronger; sounds cliche doesn’t it. But yes, what kills you makes you stronger.


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