ew life

Is it wrong to feel so lonely? I have so many people next to me, yet I still feel so lonely.


I want to be free; as you know my mum will now… NEVER LET ME GO OUT. I hate it, i’m not the type to stay home… I am a sucker for adventure with friends really. I feel like… I don’t even know what I feel like, I cant really write it out. I feel so weak. hahaha I guess the strongest people break down sometimes – like I always smile, act high. It’s all an act. I actually force myself to act high (energetic)

Everytime I go out with friends, I act so high, not only because Im rarely going out and seeing them. Its like I want them to know that im high lol… I want them to be high with me! so i’m like a party starter. Or maybe im just annoying – possibly that- I don’t know what to do with my life, what career will I pursue, where I will be later on in life, will I be able to escape from my mum? man I sound so bloody harsh. ahhaha I dont mean it like that but I kinda wish, I was on my on… that I was free on my own. As well as that, there are so many faggits. lol.


arghf;kxjghsd;zlfjsdf idk this always happens, when I go really quiet, my mind automatically goes into the stage about thinking over about life.




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