Are you legit.

Exactly, are you being fucking legit?
You’re angry at me because I lied? Lol girl, if you fucking think i’m lying, then don’t fucking believe me? Simple. Lol doesn’t mean you gotta go be starting some fucked up shit. He was my brother lol dude wtf? Chill . Do you think you have that much power? Or more effective words to put me down? Do you think you can still affect me even when im gone? Do you think everyone is by your side? Ahahahaha cute. Jealousy over small matters is cute tbh. But to negatively put someone down is wrong isn’t it. Or maybe it what that school is praised for, learn proper manners and a sense of pride. Cause I never got angry at stupid shit you’ve done unless it was so bad, because I carED for you. Lol like you be insecure to think that lol girl.

Maybe cause you dont believe the problems I go through, cause theyre all family problems. Lol.


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