Stop trying to continue the disagreement.  Legit, like if you want me to go away then shut up about it? Then trying to find every possible way to contact and for me to see that you still have fucking words to say? Legit grow up and learn manners. You dont linger this stuff onto someone, that’s just telling me to lift a house for you.

You dont see me trying to continue shit. Just leave it at that and forget about it. Legit

If this continues I would know that you guys arent really true friends, and there should be no point in being your friend. Right? Then shut up
Stop trying to get people to help you word things, just because you cant say it yourself? Thats just spreading rumours because youre the one whos telling your side – yeah. Shut up aiight? Lol

Dissrespectful people dont know when to stop aye.

And yeah, even if you attend church everyday , pray for the SINs you have commited, you still continue as the same person? Then whats the point? lol

Like if you freaking hate me then leave me alone and stop harassing me?


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