Fucking been ages since I have posted on this blog aye. Got lots of catching up to do… Welllllllllll I moved schools and it’s been pretty great! the people here are amazing – way better than my old school; people there are so judgmental fuckers, that won’t leave you alone until you actually burn to the mother fucking ground. But on the other hand, there were only 2 people from that old school who still wants to be my friend; and have apologised for the damage they have delt. People think that I did everything wrong; well I did apologise didn’t I? What about the things you have done wrong, to push me down and hurt me? as well as that, for the people to continue to harass me clearly have wasted their time to say those shit to me HA HA hA. OH, and fucking act all sarcastic and pity – mate Don’t talk to me with your confected sympathyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fk. On the brighter side, I have so many friends at this new school (maybe too many??) but, after staying a few months at this school I have realised that the group I am hanging with have major trust issues, which causes untrustworthy relationships between people. In my own opinon, the only people I could trust in my group would be Yoko Liu and Lymey Leng – these people have not once let me down, they have comforted me, helped me, listened to me, TRUST me, and most importantly LOVE me. Which is why I trust them with my life really. Adding to the topic of trust, I have a goooood friend of mine (GA) who I trust THEEEEEEE most with my life. I will always listen to him and I feel so blessed to have him by my side (sadly not physically). This man is probs the best person anyone could meet !!ehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehe he will be my best frand for lyf yo. YEah but anyways, family is still fucked up. lol. HOLYYY SHITTTT FORMALS ARE COMING UP HEHEHE I want to wear a black dress, probs to cliche but idk fuck


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